How To Make Pendrive Bootable? (Windows 7/8/8.1/10)

Win To USB

Also known as Windows to USB, this is an amazing free Windows creator that installs and runs the operating system of Windows on an external storage device. This is also one of the easy ways to make pendrive bootable. The source of installation has to be one of the following image files or drives. The image file can be ESD/VHD/ISO/WIM/VHDX/SWM or drive can be DVD/CD. The other method to do the installation is to emulate the existing installation of Windows OS. It should a Windows 7 or later. This has to be copied to a pendrive as to go Workspace for Windows.


Creating a windows installation USB drive from the Windows version 2008/Vista/2012/2016/7/8/8.1/10 installation ISO file is also sustained by WinToUSB. Now installing windows from the pendrive will be a piece of cake. Also, this helps to make bootable pendrive with the help of which you can transfer al the contents of Windows PE to a pendrive and this is how to make pendrive bootable.

There are many other amazing features of WinToUSB

  • The wizard interface is very convenient and simple with a complete set of instructions on how to create a Windows to go pendrive.
  • It emulates an existing operating system of Windows (7 or later) to a pendrive and makes it a Windows to go Workspace.
  • It helps create another Windows installation drives.
  • In order to create a Windows to go Workspace, it uses a non-enterprise edition of all the operating systems of Windows starting from 7.
  • It also supports the making of VHDX-based and VHD-based Windows to go Workspace.
  • It helps creating Windows to go on Non-Certified Windows to go pendrive.

Moreover, it also makes Windows to go from ESD/VHD/VHDX/SWM/WIM/ISO image file or a CD or DVD drive.

Download Win to Usb : Download


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